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A short (two year) fairy tale about visual arts, music, marketing and... And hearing a bit of music in between the lines.

Examples 1: Festivals & Concerts

OHA AHO (Live) Avec Spatzhabibi


CTM'13 Vorspiel


Stefano di Puma


Soundposters have many more options as here described. For example, one can easily turn your soundposter into a fully-fledged audible & mobile festival guide with interactive specials but let us leave that for sometime soon and go on with the basics. If we have the basics right nothing will stop you turning your soundposter into a super-huge audible website.

To create & publish a soundposter this is what you need to do:

  1. Sign up for your username - The simplest of all
  2. Bookmark streams you find on the web - Create a set of sounds
  3. Design and upload your soundposter graphic - The hardest of all
  4. Provide a name, some description and your license info - Typing in the details
  5. Publish your soundposter - Sharing it worldwide

All of this is easy if you got your own sounds and graphics already, or if you know some people who can provide you with those.

Two creative parts in here are foundational for every soundposter:

Reference streams from the web

You can re-use any of your bookmarks pointing to a SoundCloud or Bandcamp track. Additionally to using simple URLs to self-hosted sounds one can synchronize a soundposter setlist with a SoundCloud set.

Create and upload your soundposter graphic

To be compatible and working with mobile web-browsers your poster graphic should not exceed 5 MP in bitmap size, which for example, is the case for a bitmap of 2500px width and 1900px height. The file format of your poster-graphic needs to be PNG or JPG/JPEG.

If you do not need your soundposter accessible as a mobile web-app the only limit for the size of your poster graphic is the a moderate file size limit.

Additionally we suggest you to prepare a second bitmap graphic as a preview for your soundposter with the a width of 297px and a height of 420px.

The important part left then is then

The legal stuff

Please check the copyrights for your graphic and choose a license for it.
Do choose a license for your soundposter, one to cover your personal arrangement of tracks and one for the poster-graphic.



The Backdrop: Associative Audio Library Landscape

The Player

To squeeze something practical out of my diploma thesis i derived the pen and touch driven associative audio player. Technically it was derived from my 9k lines of declarative .javafx frontend code ontop of a gstreamer-java and the deepamehta3 REST API.

A platform independent music player allowing to navigate tracks or sounds in specific relations with simple text search and playing capabilities for audio from the and

As a listener one could even draw new associations between tracks, select a path over multiple edges in the network of sounds which the player followed along (Math Joke: as long as no AmbiguityException by traversing the graph was thrown).

But .javafx as a script language for java is not longer supported by Oracle Inc.

The Editor

The soundposter editorial interface was - or better is - the DeepaMehta 4 Webclient.

As all files can be associated equally and associations can be typed, the associative audio library was foreseen by @jri. 

Through writing a responsive audioplayer I turnedhis concepts of Topicmaps into a music player with which I just tried put the face back into digital music. It must have been the time when was 3years, was just starting up and the a2n_conferences brought people together in a creative manner.

Examples 2: The Moh & Herr Ehrhardt

Joe's Trommler



Best Off

Launch: The Web Application

To be documented.

Philosophy of soundposter

Copy of

What is this and what can I do with it?

Soundposter names our interaction design for audible websites.


And why this platform? Yes. With this platform we want to give the creation process of published music graphics into the hands of artists and listeners. Topical audio-landscapes wait to be drawn and this is digital space. Soundposters can easily exceed the boundaries of our displays. If you haven't seen it, go check it out.

With this tool we want to fill a gap in the web communications for artists, bookers and festival-organizers alike. Or as jri has put it:“Soundposter brings back the face to digital music.”

Digital music tracks connected to record covers, booklets, gig posters, or sample tracks put on a music festival map — that's what helps you to do.

Money, Honey?

Our business plan is to provide completely free of ads. As a consequence of that: The usage of the soundposter-tool for publishers will not be completely free of charge, however low priced.

Additionally we will offer distinct subscription possibilities for all creators of soundposters as well as the option for everyone to publish single soundposters.


If you wish to publish your festival guide audiblefilterable and accessible to all people on the world wide web endorsing smartphones, and provide the soundposter embeddable for other websites (like TSF did), do not hesitate to leave us a message and we'll get right back to you.

Furthermore, soundposter claims to follow the rules of fairness and to communicate openly. So, if you have any kind of questions, stimulations or ideas for enhancements we are looking forward to reading your input or concerns about our work at malte|at| or via Twitter.

Idea background & Credits

With one can depict a playlist on the web across many devices. Soundposter provides us an interaction format for audible websites.

At this early stage of, there is no DIY interface yet. Please get in touchwith us if you would like to use, and we will help you do it. We aim to bring the creation process of visual setlists, lp-covers, booklets and gig-posters into the hands of listeners and artists.

All its concepts were distilled after more than 2 years of supportive, friendly and open talk with many really cool people. Expect a blog post on the ideas and discussion which fueled the distillation process anytime soon. For now you can find out more about these guys here, they all have been very supportive to us:

Thank you all for your unlimited support over the past two years.

Yours Truly 

Website history

Platform backend realized with a simple player - (Berlin, Winter 2012/13)
1st Website and 2nd Player Launch (Berlin, Summer 2013)
1st Designed Website Re-Launch (Berlin, Sept 30 2014)
Website design completion, player update - (Leipzig, Dec 31 2014)
Migration to new server, deployment of new web-design - (Leipzig, Mar 28 2015)
Activate user registration and more - Pending