My name is Malte and I am a design assistant, software engineer and consultant on knowledge media and open organisation.

How I go about my business is mainly influenced by the methodologies of domain-driven design and goal-directed design.

A zoomable, d3.js based Topicmap renderer for DeepaMehta 4.

Authoring websites as semantic networks of concepts

A JavaScript extension to the open source web mapping library Leaflet to facilitate semantic annotations of geographic web maps. Transforms Leaflet based web maps into advanced and machine-readable web mapping documents.

Soundposter.com was the first product I conceived, developed and launched on my own. Read more about it and the people who helped me get there here.

List of software modules I've developed and maintain for the DeepaMehta 4 software platform.

The SemKingPeng info-touch client written in ActionScript 3 utilizing DeepaMehta 2 XML Topicmaps as a visual CMS.

Veröffentlichungen (Publications)

Poster: Eine situationszentrierte Benutzerschnittstelle für Wissensarbeitende und ISIS 2 (Moodle)
M. Reißig, J. Richter, F.-J. Schmitt zum E-Learning Tag TU BerlinDownload (~408 KByte, .pdf), 2013

Short Paper: Folder Windows as canvas
M. Reißig, M. Melcher in PKM2010 - Workshop on Personal Knowledge Management, GI-Edition-Lecture Notes in Informatics (LNI), Copyright GIOpen Access im Katalog der Bibliothek der Universität Heidelberg, 2010

Artikel: SemKingPeng - Informationssystem zur Interaktion in Hypermedia-Graphen
M. Reißig, M. Kotowski, M. Sandke in BAER-Projekt, Wissenschaftlicher Abschlussbericht 2006-2008, Entwicklung einer modularen IT gestützten Service-Infrastruktur für öffentliche Räume., Hrsg.: Prof. Dr. Ing. Reinhard Thümer, Prof. Dr. Grudrun Görlitz, 2008