Willkommen im Büro für Informationsarbeit.

Welcome to mikromedia.de

DMX Systems

We - as a team of 8 humans - are pretty good at making sense of unstructured data - but most of the current digital tools don't support us in doing so. While AI is taking off our focus remains on building software tools that are under human control. Want to learn more?

Find out more on dmx.systems

Golf Studio Berlin

Our focus: Creating a unique and professional space for like-minded people in the Berlin golf community – no matter if amateur or professional. Equipped with two TrackMan 4, comfortable couches and WLAN we strive to provide you the best surroundings for golf training, events or matches.

Link to Golf Studio Berlin Website

Come visit us! Near S-Bhf Greifswalder Straße, Berlin or find our website at www.golfstudio-berlin.de

Semantic networks and apps

Situational apps is software "good enough" for one specific purpose, an app which is contemporary enough to make a difference in a specific situation.

Topicmaps XML, RDF, JSON-LD became standards and e exchange formats while Dublin Core, Schema.org and all other ontologies (domain-specific or general purpose) are the vocabulary with which we describe domains of work. 

You can read more about the development of plugins for perosnal networks of situational apps or enabling user defined software in my blog.

Design new media

Designing new media is drafting and inventing the future of interfaces with which we as humans cultivate new forms of expression and organize our work with information.

Domain-driven design and task or goal-oriented design is what can help us to develop our ideas further.

I can lead your design efforts or help an interdiscplinary team share a common goal, get creative and work effective.


"The platform giving digital music back it's face!" - Jri

Link to soundposter.com

Find out what other people said or some background information about the prototype product I created, developed and with which I powered a couple of Torstraßenfestivals (soundposter.com)

Notizen Timeline

This is a d3.js based timeline I originally developed for the academic reform project "eduZEN" (TU Berlin) but which is now adapted for this website. It lets you browse and filter (the public part) of my personal knowledge and research base (persons, institutions webpages, notes & files) located at this very website.

The timeline module is written with knockout.js and d3.js and thus its source code is now part of my stableviews repo which shares that stack.

Check out the snapshot installed here!

Interactive Graphics

As an educated design assistant (GTA) and computer scientist (Engineering) I love my job as an application and product developer. The work I've done over the last 18 years has made me a specialist for interactive graphics and so called "knowledge media".

Find out more about that in my freelancer work journal, the abstract of my diploma thesis on touch and pen-driven interactive graph-layouts, or an overview of software projects I contributed to.

Maps and mapping

Knowledge representation in form of maps and practices of mapping (analog or digital) is what I study and facilitate for more than 10 years now. The creation of personal knowledge maps has been a fixture in my work over the recent years. Getting started with the development of the Info-Touch (2008), I was hooked in the creation of various Topicmap renderers (Stable Views, 2014), up to my proposal for advancing to web mapping documents in HTML with Leaflet.annotate (2017), Soundposter or Kiezatlas.




My name is Malte and I am a design assistant, software engineer and consultant on knowledge media, open source and user defined software.

How I go about my business is mainly influenced by the methodologies of domain-driven design and task or goal-directed design.